Falconry based bird abatement is the use of our trained raptors to chase away nuisance bird species from specific locations, such as resorts, airports, malls, farms, crop fields, landfills, vineyards, industrial sites, marinas and boardwalks, etc. Falconry abatement is the most natural form of pest control. When nuisance birds gather in large numbers, they can create serious health and safety hazards, as well as a loss of revenue for your business. We will visit your site for a free initial consultation, and we will come up with a plan to help you address these problems.  

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​​Our main educational outreach program introduces the public to our birds of prey and to falconry, the sport of Kings, as well as the natural history and biology of our local raptors species. This program can be followed by a free flight demo with one of our birds. Time is always allotted for a Q&A session at the end of the presentation. Everyone is welcome to come see the birds up close and take their picture. This program is about 60 minutes long and can be customized to meet your needs and keep your audience engaged, whether you are a public or private institution, a school, library, summer camp, 4-H club, wildlife refuge, church, retirement community, historical society, etc. 


​Masters Of The Skies also offers another type of educational program in the form of a more informal "meet and greet" with at least two birds. This program is popular with places such as hotels and resorts, libraries, conventions, fairs, business events and other types of crowded gatherings. People get to spend as much time as they want around our birds and are welcome to ask questions and take pictures. This program does not include a free flight demo.


Our most popular program. Unlike other places where you simply sit through a lecture, we are uniquely licensed with the USFWS and the PA Game Commission to give the public a "hands-on", interactive experience with our birds. Our falconry class will teach you the basics of raptors' behavior and husbandry and will explain the need for their protection and conservation. You will get the chance to hold the birds on your falconry gauntlet, and you will experience the unique thrill of having them fly freely from your glove and back to you. A very memorable experience that has been described by some as a "life-changing moment".

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