Welcome to Masters Of The Skies. My name is Gregory Wojtera, I am a master-class falconer, wildlife educator and bird trainer. I have been practicing the art of falconry since 2010 and I have been working as an educator most of my adult life. My experience includes working with hawks, falcons and owls.  

I am licensed with the US Fish & Wildlife Service at the state and federal levels. I have falconry birds that are active hunters and I also have captive-bred birds that are used for educational purposes.

I am the founder and director of Masters Of The Skies. Created in 2014, Masters Of The Skies is dedicated to educating the public about our local raptors and about falconry, as well as the conservation of our songbirds and natural resources.

Masters Of The Skies offers different types of programs that are suited to people from all walks of life and age groups, from formal educational talks to falconry classes and free-fight sessions with our birds.

Make sure to contact us to schedule your program! 




Masters Of The Skies